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What are the Coolest Carnivorous Dinosaurs? Plus Surprising Reasons Why

Many people who love stories about Dinosaurs are always fascinated with how these creatures survived millions of years ago. When we think about Dinosaurs, the features that come into our minds are their sharp teeth, scales, gigantic feet, and loud noises even though we cannot hear them anymore. All thanks to the movies that made Dinosaurs their main stars and feed our imaginations. Cool right? But have you ever thought about the coolest carnivorous Dino? 

What are the coolest carnivorous Dinosaurs? The coolest carnivorous dinosaurs are Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus, Allosaurus, Albertosaurus, Majungasaurus Crenatissimus, Krenosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex, Saurophaganax, Bahariasaurus, and Utahraptor. 

These Dinosaurs are not called badass for no reason. That’s why in the next section, you will know why these are the coolest creatures that ever walk on Earth. I hope you’re already hooked on this because surprises are yet to come. 

Coolest Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Surprisingly, T-Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex is on the number 1 spot! But, even though T-Rex holds the spot as the most badass, his cousins also have a lot to show. If you want to know more about them, then keep reading this article and be amazed.


When talking about the coolest dinosaurs, it is not just based on their size, weight, etc., but also on how these carnivorous giants lived and hunted millions of years ago. They probably got a place because of their different ways of feeding themselves and hunting their prey. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the most badass dinosaur that walked on Earth—followed by the other kids that also have their spot. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Just like how it was portrayed in every movie and story, T-Rex surely is the most badass of them all. And the saying what you see is what you get fits perfectly because this Dino will have no mercy and will kill anything he sees as food, for it is the King of Tyrant Lizards. 

Even though it was not the biggest or the tallest creature to ever walk on Earth, it was 16.4 feet tall and 39.4-40ft long. Weighing over 15,500 pounds or 7-8 tons, T-Rex still manages to be on the top and still take the title “King of the Tyrant Lizards.” One of its features that helped him stay on top is its powerful hind leg’s ability to run as fast as a professional footballer like Ailsa Harvey of said. It also has a strong sense of smell that helps it track its next prey even from afar. Among all the animals that have lived, the T-Rex has the title of having the strongest bite. With its 60 sharp teeth, surely with just one bite, no prey can ever escape. 

Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus is a distant cousin of Tyrannosaurus Rex, which also holds the top place in the villains of the Dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous periods about 90-99 million years ago. 

It is the largest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived on Earth, weighing 20 tons and is 20% larger than T-Rex, and is 52.5 feet long. 

More interesting about this kind is its sail of skin with long spines about 6.6 feet long. This creature was fast and had a set of cruel claws that can hunt anything down, even the massive predators who will come in its way. Another fact is that Spinosaurus is just one of the few Dinosaurs that can dwell both on land and water. (Source)

According to Paleontologists, Spinosaurus spent most of its time on the water hunting its prey, such as the prehistoric fish Onchopristis. Using its strong jaws like a crocodile’s conical pointed teeth, it can get its slippery prey without having any problems.


Another deadly type of carnivorous dinosaur is the Allosaurus. It lived 150 million years ago, and its fossils were found in the Western part of the United States. 

According to Britannica, an Allosaurus weighed over two tons and can grow up to 35 feet in length. Although it’s not as big as the other type of carnivore, it still has the unique feature that gets it to take place in the list of the most badass carnivores in the Dinosauria. 

Allosaurus has strong limbs and a strong pelvis. Its forelimbs are smaller but not like what T-Rex has. They had three fingers with sharp claws that helped with grasping their prey. It was also said that Allosaurus was also a scavenger (Britannica) feeding themselves with either a dead or dying animal they will stumble upon while on the journey. (Source)

Majungasaurus Crenatissimus

Found on the native island of Madagascar, Majungasaurus Crenatissimus is a type of theropod. It is one of the few known Cannibal Dinosaurs. According to Shaena Montanari, paleontologist and science communicator, this theropod had a different skull from its other kinds. And the things that helped them kill their prey are the short and strong snouts that make them hold their prey captive and then bite them until they die. 


Another from the theropod family is the dinosaur called Albertosaurus found in Alberta, Canada, a close relative of Tyrannosaurus. It lived 99 million years to 74 million years ago in the late cretaceous period. 

They both had a large jaw and skull but small limbs. Since it came from the family of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, it has similarities with how its cousin lived. Both walked with two legs, but Albertosaurus is smaller than the T-Rex. It is just about 30 feet long and 3.5 meters high, but that doesn’t stop it from getting a spot to be one of the most badass kinds. 

Its teeth are fewer than what the other carnivores had. It is also not in a frightening blade shape. Instead, it is round, perfect for penetrating its teeth and biting its prey’s meat deeper. (Source)


A marine carnivore that measures 30ft in length and 6ft high and weighed 11 tons. It lived in the place that we now know as Australia and Columbia because some fossils were found. 

It is said to be one of the most dangerous creatures that dwelled on the water of the Earth. With a cranial size of about 10feet with a big, narrow alligator-like mouth with a teeth size of about 2.7 inches.


It is known as the Supreme Carnivore because of its size, which can grow up to 36 feet wide and 13 feet tall with a weight of 3 tons. Saurophaganax was discovered in North America, specifically in Oklahoma and New Mexico, where its fossils were displayed. 

So how did the Saurophaganax make its way to the badass list? Aside from it being big, it was also such a great predator back then that it can kill its prey immediately, even the largest herbivores. And if it happens to see none, then it will just simply snatch what others have and make it his. 


One of the greatest predators in its time, which lived in the mid-Cretaceous era, is the Bahariasaurus. It is the only species in its genus that was discovered, but that didn’t stop it from getting on the list. 

What made it stand out is that it is one of the longest, with a measurement of 39 feet long and a weight of 2.5 tons! Crazy. And because of its strong and fast leg, it can get to its prey even if it means running a far distance. What makes it more unique is that it had long arms to help it reach its food more, so it was not surprising that Trend Max stated that it was a hell of a violent predator. 


Utahraptor ostrommaysorum, or simply Utahraptor, is a theropod that lived 125 million years ago. It was found in Utah, where it also got its name. 

Utahraptor is a carnivorous dinosaur that resembles how birds looked today. It was a ferocious predator that takes advantage of its sickle-shaped claws to kill its prey. Imagine its claws alone measure 9.5 inches, so it is not impossible that it can get its prey without sweating a lot. An adult Utahraptor can measure 20 feet long and 5feet in height. 


Indeed, to survive in the Cretaceous era, these creatures have to use every bit of their part to stay alive. Their different features and enormous sizes are characteristics that helped them be one of the most badass predators because they have to live. Scarier, it may seem, but that was how life was back then.