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Author Profile: Michael Haralson

With over 5 years dedicated to the captivating realm of dinosaurs, Michael has emerged as a significant contributor to His articles span topics from carnivorous dinosaurs to the broader intricacies of paleontology. While holding a BBA and an MSc in Economics, and boasting a successful business career with giants like Nokia and Amino Communications, his passion lies in the prehistoric world. This is further evidenced by his ongoing paleontological certificate studies at the University of Alberta, Canada.

His personal experiences have played a pivotal role in shaping his passion. A fervent visitor of Natural History Museums globally, he revels in the wonder of dinosaur exhibitions. With ambitions to participate in paleontological digs in renowned locations such as Europe, Mongolia, China, and the US states of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, Michael is on a continuous journey of discovery.

While formal collaborations with paleontologists are in the pipeline, he has actively engaged with experts, ensuring that the content on is both informed, accurate and captivating. Merging business acumen with a profound love for paleontology, Michael offers readers a unique and insightful perspective.

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