Key Factors determine the  value of a  real dinosaur egg

# 1

There are three types of eggs - Sphere-like, Prismatic-like and bird-like that scientists classify

Type of Dinosaur Egg

Dinosaur  Species

What kind of species laid the dinosaur egg? Sauropods or Hadrosaurs or armored dinosaurs?

# 2


How rare is the dinosaur  egg?

# 3

Age of the Egg

Whether the egg came from the Triassic, Jurassic or Cretaceous. the older, the more valueable

# 4


# 5

How the egg looks, whether it is cracked or has a solid shape. 

Single Egg or in a Nest

# 6

Is it a single egg or are there multilple eggs together in a nest? 

# 7

The value of the egg goes up dramatically if there is a fossilized embryo in the egg

Embryo in the Dinosaur Egg


A real dinosaur egg is worth about

Depending on those key 7 factors