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How Tall is T-Rex? Amazing Height of Tyrannosaurus Rex Predator [Plus Dinosaur Fossil Comparisons]

Tyrannosaurus Rex Was One Of The Largest Carnivore Dinosaurs

Key Takeaways

  • T Rex, larger than most modern predators, used height for intimidation and survival.
  • Scientists utilize hip height and various formulas to estimate dinosaur height, despite challenges.
  • Though not as tall as sauropods or as heavy as blue whales, T Rex was formidable.
  • Scotty and Sue are among the largest T Rex specimens, helping to estimate its size.
  • Height was advantageous for T Rex’s carnivorous lifestyle, aiding hunting despite short arms.
  • T Rex’s height and bipedal stance aided in sensing environment, similar to modern predators.

Dinosaurs are undeniably enormous. They are gigantic and are described to be larger compared to some animals that exist today. Talking about dinosaurs, T Rex is a famous name. T Rex is a dinosaur you should watch out for in terms of size and ferocity, and its height is no joke either. 

How Tall is T-Rex? Amazing Height of Tyrannosaurus Rex Predator [Plus Dinosaur Fossil Comparisons]

How Tall Is T-Rex?

So, how tall is T Rex? The tallest T-Rex discovered so far is estimated to have been around 20 feet tall at the hip, equivalent to about 6 meters. This measurement is based on the fossilized remains of the T-Rex known as “Sue,” which is one of the most complete T-Rex skeletons ever found.

Height is one of the factors that can help an organism survive. It can also intimidate prey and predators and can be a basis of rank in the animal kingdom. This article will talk about T Rex’s height and its significance in T Rex’s lifestyle. Also, other benefits of height and how scientists come up with many of today’s conclusions. After knowing these, it can make you say that height could indeed be an advantage or otherwise. 

How Tall Is a Fully Grown T. Rex? Comparisons To Other Dinosaurs That Lived With T Rex

Like other baby organisms that are adorable, T rex juveniles can grow to unimaginably large sizes. Several dinosaur species are winners in height, although researchers can have difficulty getting these measurements right because of some fossil factors. Here is a quick height comparison of those dinosaur species that coexisted with T Rex and are at par with the tyrant lizard’s height.

The Accuracy of Dinosaur Height Comparisons

Height comparisons among dinosaurs are usually in question. Since not all dinosaurs stand on two legs like humans, some would say that size will be a better measure than height. Other literature also uses different height bases, making it more difficult to come up with good data comparisons. (Source)

The most common term you will encounter in Dinosaur descriptions is hip height. It is used in estimating the height of different dinosaur species. You may wonder why hip height is used since this is not the highest point in a dinosaur’s body. 

As scientists do many ways to standardize the comparison of height in dinosaurs and modern animals, they used various references that are relatively fixed points in the body. 

Compared to head height, Dinosaurs’ hip height will be a fixer point in estimating height since head height may vary depending on the back or neck’s posture. And up until now, dinosaurs’ actual postures are still being debated. (Source)

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Another way scientists used to measure dinosaur heights was through footprints and trackways. The height is computed using a formula that incorporates significant parameters such as size and the taxonomic group to which the dinosaur belongs. 

With technology, a model is created from the pelvis and hind limbs measurement of mostly bipedal dinosaurs, then combined with the formula. However, there is still a percentage of overestimation and underestimation of larger species. 

What makes height comparisons even harder to pinpoint is the fossils that are found for each species. More often than not, paleontologists usually recover partial fossils that may or may not include the neck or backbones, making it hard to estimate the true height of the dinosaur. (Source)

Full Grown T-Rex Height Vs. Modern Day Animals

Compared to T Rex, most modern land predators are shorter. A full-grown T rex can reach 12 feet to 13 feet tall at hip height, as documented through fossils. Today, the tallest land predator includes big cats like the Siberian and Bengal tiger with a standing height of 12 feet. Next is a polar and grizzly bear in around 11 feet that are inferior to a T Rex.

YouTube Video About The Size of T. Rexes

YouTube video by The Dinosaur Club which discusses T. Rex size comparisons – AdventureDinosaurs

However, a T Rex and an adult giraffe may be slightly closer in height to reach an average of 16 to 20 feet. The giraffes are the tallest animals on land, but their height and the T Rex are nothing compared to the height that giant sauropods can reach. 

In terms of weight, the blue whale wins over the T Rex.

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T Rex and Other Dinosaurs That Are Equally Taller

Some dinosaurs are equally taller than T Rex. According to the fossil records, the tallest T-Rex to date stands tall at 13 feet in quite a reclined position. Most of the T Rex descriptions you can read are described in size rather than height since the T Rex does not stand on a straight axis. 

Here is a brief comparison of three herbivorous dinosaurs – Tenontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Iguanodon. They have been compared in terms of their height, defining traits, and regions they were found in.

DinosaurHeight and TraitsRegion
TenontosaurusStands at 13 feet with a long muscular tail used as a counterbalance while standing on four limbsNorth America
StegosaurusStands at 12 feet with spines along its back that can be used for protection, temperature regulation, and mate displayEurope, China, and Africa
IguanodonStands at 12 feet and is one of the few dinosaurs with a complete skeleton studiedFound in many parts of the world

Please note that these herbivorous dinosaurs are as tall as a T Rex, despite their different physical features and traits.

 Dinosaurs That Beats T Rex in Height

Sauropods are among the dinosaurs that are known for having tall heights and enormous bodies. The tallest dinosaurs living in the same areas as T. Rex were Barosaurus standing at 72 feet tall, followed by Sauroposeideon, which grew to around 60 feet. This group of dinosaurs is remarkable and easily distinguishable from other groups because of their long necks and massive bodies.

According to research, despite the large bodies of sauropods, they are plant-eating, and their height is mainly for reaching plants in canopies. Their large bodies can also be a form of defense against predators that are relatively shorter. Large-bodied dinosaurs like them are also capable of efficient thermoregulation and digestion.

Diplodocus, another sauropod estimated to reach 18 to 20 feet tall because of its long neck, can also beat T Rex in height. Unlike other sauropods that feed on leaves on canopies, they feed on ferns and understorey plants because of their horizontal orientation. 

T Rex is far behind the sauropods in height, but that does not hinder them from claiming the title of an apex predator. There is fossil evidence that can prove T Rex hunts herbivorous dinosaurs despite its height inferiority.

The Allosaurus, a carnivore that stands at 17 feet tall and is known as a top predator of the Jurassic, is taller than a T Rex. It has serrated teeth that surely do not fail to feast on its prey meat. 

The famous Spinosaurus can reach up to 14 to 20 feet in height, including its impressive spikes on the back close to the T Rex height range. The body size rivaled the T rex and other carnivores. The Spinosaurus is a title threat to T Rex because of its sharp teeth and fearsome reputation. 

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What Is The Largest Tyrannosaurus Rex? Did Height Help It Fight Against Other Carnivores?

Height and weight are measures used to determine an organism’s size. The T Rex case may help fight against other carnivores present in their time, retaining its reputation as the king of terror. Among the T Rex fossils found, some are most unique, particularly the largest one ever documented.

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The Largest T Rex Ever Found

There are almost 60 T Rex specimens recovered around the globe, mostly in North America. This 60 includes fragments of bones and a T Rex skeleton that is preserved almost completely. 

The most available T Rex skeleton is given the nickname Sue displayed in the Field Museum of Chicago, Illinois. Almost 90% of its remains have been unearthed, including bones that have not been found in other T Rex finds. This valuable discovery made it possible for scientists to reconstruct T Rex accurately and closely estimate its actual height. 

Sue may be the complete skeleton, but the world’s largest T Rex ever is claimed by Scotty the T Rex housed in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Canada. It weighs nearly 20 pounds, with yet 65% only of its bones recovered. The size estimate of Scotty was based on an estimation technique for mass that utilizes femur circumference. From this data, the mass or body weight can then be calculated. (Source)

The Benefits and Downsides of T Rex Height Against Other Carnivores

T Rex height can play both an advantage and disadvantage. The primary benefit of the T Rex height is that it can intimidate smaller predatory dinosaurs. The T rex height is not specialized for reaching high areas for grazing like trees but is suitable for its carnivorous habit. 

T Rex tops other carnivores too because of its large sharp teeth. The T rex height is inferior to some carnivores, but this was an advantage since they were more agile than the larger ones. 

T Rex also had the strongest bite compared to other meat-eating dinosaurs. In the realm of modern-day animals, the saltwater crocodile has the strongest bite force, but this is only a quarter of the T rex bite.

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Did Height Help The T. Rex Hunt?

Being a predator comes with height and, combined with other traits critical for a successful hunt. During prehistoric times, height may have been a great help to T Rex, together with its predatory build, and here is why. 

Tall and Mighty: The Role of Height in Hunting

As mentioned, T Rex’s physical features set it apart from other predator dinosaurs in its time. Its arms may appear puny, but it serves hunting and is as vicious as the T Rex. The T Rex height is perfect for its pull-and-drag hunting style. 

It is smaller than herbivores but is an advantage since it can move faster than the large-bodied sauropods included in its diet. T Rex, according to research, does not only hunt alone but sometimes in a pack that enables them to devour large prey.

Its longer legs also played an important part in running during hunting, although not too fast. In other words, T Rex was an average runner, which might be because of their considerable body mass. Some compare T Rex to ostriches in morphology, but they are very different in speed. Ostrich can run very fast because they weigh less with their fused bones than a T Rex. 

At the same time, the common problem associated with tall height and large weight are that it may affect movement and running speed, and this is even true for the fierce T Rex. Speed is important in hunting, but this may be a limitation for the T rex if it hunts fast-moving dinosaurs as an average running dinosaur alone. 

In modern times, the tigers are known predators and are good hunters, and they have a good hunting strategy that is superior to T Rex. Since tigers are mammals, they are more intelligent than reptiles, where T Rex belongs. 

Polar and grizzly bears are comparable to T Rex as apex predators, and they stand up on their feet to sense their surroundings, especially by smelling. When these animals sense changes in their environment, they usually run and hide. It can also be the case for the T rex standing posture. 

T Rex can also sense their environment well by standing on two feet, just like bears, making them a better predator than other quadrupedal carnivorous dinosaurs. It turns out that T rex has good vision and smell that they can even utilize more with their height and posture. In modern times, most tall animals are herbivores that have the same concept as dinosaurs. 


T Rex may not be the tallest dinosaur that existed during its era, but it certainly is one of the most celebrated and well-known dinosaur species of all time. It is taller compared to modern-day animals, but traits of T Rex as hunters are still evident today. T Rex height can therefore be said perfect for its built.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Tyrannosaurus Rex?

 Tyrannosaurus Rex could measure over 20 feet tall at the hips.

How long was Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Tyrannosaurus Rex was about 40 feet in length.

When did Tyrannosaurus Rex live?

Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during the late Cretaceous period, around 66 million years ago.

How tall is a T-Rex compared to a modern animal?

T-Rex was about 17 feet tall, which is similar in height to an African elephant.

What is the overall size of Tyrannosaurus Rex?

 The overall size of Tyrannosaurus Rex was about 40 feet long and 20 feet tall.

How tall is the T-Rex from the floor to the top of its head?

 The T-Rex could measure over 20 feet from the floor to the top of its head.

How tall is a T-Rex compared to other carnivores of all time?

 T-Rex is one of the tallest carnivores of all time, measuring about 20 feet tall.

How tall is a T-Rex compared to a modern animal?

 T-Rex was about 20 feet tall, which is similar in height to an African elephant.

How did scientists determine the height of the T-Rex?

Scientists determined the height of the T-Rex by analyzing its fossilized bones and comparing them to other dinosaur fossils.

Did T-Rex have a growth spurt?

Yes, T-Rex had a growth spurt during its teenage years, growing from about 15 feet long to 40 feet long.